Anna Kendrick Reflects on Her First Movie Role, “It Wasn’t Glamorous”

Anna Kendrick’s Feature Film Debut — 2003’s Camp — might have been directed by veteran actor Todd Graff and produced by Danny DeVito, but it was hardly a vacation. According to Kendrick, the film was made so cheaply that most of the cast stayed at the summer camp where the film took place, and were paid less than $100 a day. The film would be the start of a long career of musical and musical-adjacent films for Kendrick, who would go on to become both the Pitch perfectly franchise and the cult classic Scott pilgrim against the world.

The comments on Camp came from a video interview with Vanity Fair, in which the actor looked back at some of her most notable roles and offered contemporary commentary on them. Needless to say, most people go straight to the Dusk bits and pieces, but it’s definitely worth checking out where Kendrick got her start.

“I’m supposed to be dressed as a middle-aged woman in this scene, and I still look like I’m 12 years old,” said Kendrick. “This was my first movie. This was a non-union movie. I was paid $75 a day, and only on the days I acted. Everyone in this movie went up and actually lived in that camp, and we were all just up there. There was no cell service, no Wi-Fi, actually the fact that we had running water was a miracle. So it wasn’t the glamorous, money-making prospect that I hoped my first movie would be.”

You can watch the video below.

In CampAfter a string of Broadway flops, songwriter Bert Hanley (Don Dixon) takes a job at a musical camp for young performers. Inspired by the children, he finds a chance to regain success by staging an entirely new production.

The movie, from IFC Films, made about $2.5 million at the box office, then went to DVD and did quite well in a world where there were still hundreds of Blockbuster and Family Video stores. In 2015, Graff funded a sequel, which would be called Camp 2: freaks in nature. Though never completed, that film would have referenced it Camp like a movie filmed in the camp, rather than actual events that happened in the past, which would easily allow him to use entirely new characters without questioning what happened to everyone else in the intervening decade.

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