Anna Kendrick claims she was only able to live again after “having a chat” with her boyfriend’s lover

Join the podcast Armchair Expertthe actress Anna Kendrick gave more details about the turbulent relationship she had with her toxic ex-boyfriend. He cheated on her with another woman but lied by saying that nothing ever happened between them.

But the truth is that Kendrick, 37, said she lived in “a state of total panic” for a year, considering herself crazy, suspected of betrayal.

“Actually, it was much worse than I thought,” she said, picking up her boyfriend’s cell phone and seeing all the racy messages he exchanged with his wife.

Kendrick then decided to confront the boy, who lied and said the relationship was just a platonic passion. He assured that the two had never met, but Anna already knew the whole truth.

She had already read explicit messages in which the two gave details about the intense sex they had for a week.

Strange as it sounds, she explained that “it was kind of a relief” to hear the false confession. “I actually didn’t think he could lie to my face with such intensity and conviction,” she said. Page six.

Anna Kendrick as Darby in Love Life (HBO Max)

Anna Kendrick then made a decision

The actress revealed that she decided to go even deeper into the story and decided to call her boyfriend’s mistress. The two talked for about an hour, and Kendick reports she was relieved because she now knew she wasn’t crazy.

“I hadn’t eaten in a week, I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t eat. [Depois que] I had a conversation with this girl, I was like ‘Oh, I need a plate of nachos.’ My whole body said, ‘Now you can suffer. You’re not crazy. You’re Safe.’

Jessica (Anna Kendrick) in Twilight (play)

Still in the same interview, she said that she even made embryos with her boyfriend as they planned to expand the family when the time came.

They were together for six years before the relationship fell apart.

“I remember saying to my brother when things started to go downhill, ‘I’m living with a stranger. For example, I don’t know what’s going on,” she said.

The actress, who became best known to the public for her participation in the films of the saga Duskhas also had relationships with celebrities such as director Edgar Wright and actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

She also had a long relationship with cinematographer Ben Richardson and spent six months with comedian Bill Hader.

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