Anime directors are weighing in on Aniplex’s winter delays

The winter season has arrived for anime fans and it brought with it many new hits. However, it seems that behind the scenes things are not going so well for the show. Earlier this week, reports surfaced that several shows like Nier: Automata and Ayakashi Triangle would be on indefinite hiatus. These delays quickly attracted attention and now industry professionals are speaking out on the matter.

About Twitter, director Kanta Kamei was the first to address the topic after the reports went live. There, the creator, who oversaw shows like Usagi Drop and SaeKano, said they raised concerns about production well before 2023 arrived. But eventually their concerns were allayed.

A while ago I spoke to a producer at Aniplex and said maybe you all should stop planning anime for winter class. All staff will be burned out during the New Year holidays and will not be able to enjoy their free time. And for outsourcing, it’s Lunar New Year… and people [in China] therefore do not work. My comments were all ignored,” he shared.

“As for outsourcing animation in China, a studio producer told me that they tried to offer five times the usual wage for a single part during the Lunar New Year, and no one accepted… That means even if we had three or double , no one is going to do them over the holidays.”

It’s clear that things aren’t going well behind the scenes with production, and the New Year’s crunch didn’t do Aniplex’s titles any favors. As such, the company has three titles on hiatus, and another from outside Aniplex joined today. Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible has also been delayed, so it looks like the 2023 winter season has gone from stacked to drained.

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