Andressa Urach says her ex-husband ‘pays for a saint’ but he met her in prostitution

Model was annoyed by Thiago Lopes after he stopped her from taking a trip with the couple’s son

Reproduction/Instagram/tnlopes10Andressa Urach said Thiago Lopes met her when she was a call girl

Again in conflict with her ex-husband, Thiago Lopesthe model Andressa Urach stated that Leon’s father, her youngest son, was her client at the time she was a prostitute. The former couple recently fell out because Thiago did not allow perennial runner-up Miss Bumbum to travel with their son. “I think it’s so hypocritical what my ex is doing because I wanted to ask him how he met me. Funny right? I wanted that little question mark to stay for him. He is so good, so holy, so pure, so from God… if he was so from God, why would I want to leave this relationship? I’m in Santa Catarina and enjoying it with my friend who has one ‘little baby’. My son can be here with me and I couldn’t take him because he [Thiago] you want to do everything in your power to get [o Leon de mim]”said the model in Instagram stories.

Andressa also asked for help to catch her ex-husband. “I want to ask my colleagues who are call girls. If you are dating my ex-husband film him for me please and expose him on social media. Because he’s paying homage here, talking bad about who he is, girl [de programa] and pays women, right? Because he knew me like that, so I think nothing is fairer than showing the truth. I have no problem with the truth, my book is here, I’ve sold more than 1 million copies, ‘Morri Para Viver’ became a bestseller,” said the former participant of “The farm”. “The truth always comes out, no matter how bad it is.” The couple broke up in November last year, but continued to see each other. In January, Andressa suspected she was pregnant again. However, last Friday, the 3rd, the model announced the final end of her marriage: “It’s over, it’s over, I don’t want it anymore. And now it’s time to move on.”

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