Andressa Urach leaves hospital after ‘psychotic break’ and makes video with her mother

Model spent 20 days hospitalized in psychiatric ward after husband reported she suggested ‘sacrificing her son’

Play/YouTube/Andressa Urach OfficialAndressa Urach was fired 19 last Saturday

The model Andressa Urach left the hospital last Saturday the 19th where she had been hospitalized for 20 days in the psychiatric ward. The artist’s mother, Marisete de Faveri, went to pick her up along with her brother, sister-in-law and stepfather of the former Miss Bumbum. In a video published on YouTube, Andressa’s family stated that she would go home, as she had received medical clearance. Who gave permission for the hospitalization was the husband of the former participant of “The farm”, who stated that he called SAMU and the military police after Andressa suffered a “psychotic break” that put his life and that of Leon, the couple’s nine-month-old son, in danger. At the time, he said he would file for divorce and custody of the children. Later, Thiago released an audio in which Andressa, in the middle of the outbreak, is said to have suggested the “sacrifice of the son”. Outside the hospital, the model appeared next to her mother in a video thanking everyone who prayed for her.

Regarding the controversies involving her husband, she chose not to comment on the subject: “I am advised not to talk too much about anything that happens on medical advice”. Marisete, who exchanged barbs with Thiago for disagreeing with the fact that he had admitted Andressa without consulting her, added: “This first week is relax, no social media, no talking too much. After that, when it’s over, she’ll talk, she’ll talk, so I ask you to respect us. Is it there [Andressa] needs treatment, which will now be at home”. The artist said she will spend the next week in the care of her mother. “I am thankful to God for the family I have and thank God everyone is here because it is a very difficult time in my life. It is in the most difficult moments that we see who stays and who is real,” said the model. On Instagram, she posted a photo of her son and wrote: “I miss my Leon, 20 days away from him! Keep us in your prayers. I pray for you and you pray for me?! Lord Jesus stands for everything! And I know that everything works together for good to those who love God.”

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