Andresa Urach’s husband says she was hospitalized after ‘psychotic outbreak’: ‘Scary’

Thiago Lopes said the model was endangering the life of the couple’s son and decided to file for divorce

Reproduction/Instagram/tnlopes10Thiago Lopes asked for divorce from Andresa Urach after ‘psychotic outbreak’

Thiago Lopeshusband of Andressa Urach, said the model has been hospitalized and is therefore far from social networking. In a video posted to Instagram, he describes what happened and stated that he has already filed for divorce. “Two weeks ago, Andresa was hospitalized, she is in the psychiatric ward of a hospital because she had a mystical psychotic delusion two weeks ago, that’s what the doctor said as soon as she received her at the hospital. It’s not a diagnosis, that’s what the doctor said when Andresa arrived and she was still a little detached from reality,” Thiago said. “She still doesn’t have a diagnosis, she” [a médica] reported a manic episode that happened to Andresa. She is not expected to be discharged, they are administering drugs. It is important to mention that, in addition to: borderline that Andresa has already been diagnosed, these other situations have arisen. There is one last word from the medical team to know what it is about.”

According to Thiago, Andresa had a “psychotic outbreak” at home in the early hours of a Saturday: “It was scary because they even saw Leon’s life [filho do casal de 9 meses] in danger, my life and the life of my mother”. During the episode, the former contestant of “The Farm” is said to have said that she would offer her youngest son as a sacrifice. “These are things that are separate from reality,” noted Thiago, who called SAMU and Military police to “solve this situation”. Because of everything that had happened, he decided to end their relationship. “It is not easy to maintain such a marriage, it must take a lot of effort. It was already difficult with the borderline, now that these new problems have arisen, it is even impossible to imagine marriage for Andressa’s social relationship. That’s why I’m filing Leon’s custody divorce lawsuit for logical reasons. I was able to capture most of the things that happened during the psychotic break,” he said. “Unfortunately, my marriage has come to an end due to a psychiatric illness.”

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