Andor’s season 1 finale confirms what inmates were building

One of the last and arguably most compelling storylines in Season 1 of Star Wars: Andor saw Diego Luna’s Cassian imprisoned in an Imperial facility, where he would meet Andy Serkis’ Kino Loy. The inmates, along with everyone else in the facility, were tasked with building mysterious pieces of equipment for the Galactic Empire, leading to speculation among fans about whether this equipment was for a specific purpose or if it was symbolic of how little it had. Empire valued human life. With the Season 1 premiere now on Disney+, audiences have learned the importance of the equipment.

WARNING: Spoilers below for the Season 1 finale of Star Wars: Andor

After the credits roll into the season finale, a post-credits scene sees droids fusing the recognizable devices together, then the camera pulls back to watch them connect to other large devices. The camera then pulls far enough away from any disconnected devices to reveal that they are all components of the Death Star under construction.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story showed the audience what happens when the space station is fully operational, while also teasing that the film’s heroes helped retrieve the schematics that would eventually lead to the destruction of the Death Star. With another season of Andor along the way and setting several years in the hero’s life, it’s unclear if the Death Star’s construction will see more snags or if the teasing is meant to show just how daunting a task it was to take down the deadly build object.

Earlier this month, showrunner Tony Gilroy hinted that what the inmates were building was the backbone of Season 2, which could be taken both literally and figuratively.

When asked by The Hollywood Reporter what the inmates are building, Gilroy teased, “They’re building Season 2. It’s the backbone of Season 2. I’ve heard all kinds of things; it’s amazing. All the material the Empire has, I see everything like, ‘How “Does this work economically? Who built Scarif? How do you build it? How do you build Eadu? How do you build The Death Star and this armada of ships?” There’s a lot of things to build and there’s an incredible amount of material So to me what they’re building isn’t as important as the scale of it When you go to the Imperial Bureau of Standards where Syril works you go, ‘Oh my God,” and he just works at the Fuel Purity counter. But that’s what it takes to run this empire. So the scale of it is really what we’re trying to suggest here.”

Season 1 of Star Wars: Andor is now available on Disney+. Season 2 has begun production for a possible 2024 premiere.

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