Andor Showrunner Teases K-2SO For Season 2

Ever since Star Wars: Andor has officially completed its first season, waiting for season two, which has already begun its final run of episodes. The prequel series to download Villain One will bring the action even closer to the 2016 Star Wars movie, and one of the main ways it will seemingly do it is by bringing back the fan-favorite droid K-2SO (performed and voiced by Alan Tudyk in the film). ). Speak with Collider, Andor creator Tony Gilroy almost seemed to confirm that the character’s presence will be felt in the second batch of episodes.

When asked by the outlet about the likelihood of K2 coming in the second season, he replied, “Well, I think that’s one of the responsibilities of Part 2. Villainwe have to deal with that. Villain One, meaning there would be plenty of time for the two characters to meet and become partners. During a Television Critics Association press tour earlier this year, Gilroy noted that there are “multiple reasons” why the droid was not featured in the first season. He adds:

“I’d say, ‘Wait and see.’ “It’s a story we want to tell. It’s hard to carry around an Imperial droid and not draw all the attention. It’s a tough piece of luggage. When we do it, we do it spectacularly, as opposed to presenting it and ignoring it, or presenting it or hiding it, or the bad versions we should be doing.”

Tudyk was previously asked about the series before season one had even started production, teasing that he would eventually have to show up. As Star Wars fans may already know, Gilroy’s intention with the hit Disney+ series is to match it Villain One in a big way, ending just minutes before the feature introduces Diego Luna’s Rebel spy.

Our last scene leads you into the first scene of Villain One. When we get there, we have some things to do and some people to meet,” Gilroy said /Movie. “There are two things that are very distinctly different. One is that this is a show [Cassian] become revolutionary. His commitment to the cause will not be so questionable for the next four years. That’s the second difference. We’re going to cover four years. Every time we do three episodes in the second half, we jump ahead a year. When we come back to the show for part two, it’s a year later. We do three episodes and then we jump a year. Then we do three episodes, and then we jump forward a year. That last year will be the year we enter Villain [One]. We have some pretty interesting storytelling opportunities. I wonder if anyone else has ever done it before. We can’t think of an A [show] where someone did.”

All twelve episodes of Andor’s first season are now streaming on Disney+

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