Andor Episode 11’s epic Star Wars Space Battle has fans who love Luthen

The 11th episode of Star Wars: Andor gave fans a whole new appreciation for Stellan Skarsgard’s Luthen Rael. The predecessor of Villain One has been a surprise hit for Disney+, with the decision to offer episodes 1 and 2 of Andor free on Disney channels ABC, FX and Freeform on November 23, just in time for Thanksgiving. Hulu will also stream Andor also for a limited time. As for Episode 11, Luthen’s flying skills were one of many highlights, mesmerizing Star Wars fans with an epic space battle.

“All I can say is you’re going to see where he was five years ago Villain Oneand you’re not going to believe it Villain One was possible,” Andor star Diego Luna told “That’s the idea, to see a transformation and an awakening. I can’t tell you how that’s going to show up, you’re going to have to wait until August 31. But the point is, and the point is how much we’re all able to change and transform, and that’s the beauty of storytelling. It’s not often you start to know the ending, here’s where you know what happens. It’s not about, like, ‘Oh, this happened!’ No no no it’s about how it happened it’s about the little details and what’s between the lines and every layer of the character Even though we’re in a very epic kind of show and a huge spy adventure show we to have time for intimacy. You’re going to go deep into the character and the people around him. It’s going to be interesting, I think, and it’s going to be dark and fun and different from what you’re seeing out there right now.”

Keep scrolling to get a taste of the space battle Star Wars: Andor Episode 11, and Luthen’s pilot below. Let us know your thoughts on the episode in the comments.

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