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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have introduced an entirely new type of Pokemon, although they will probably be very familiar to most players. One of the central mysteries in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is Area Zero, a mysterious region in the center of the Great Crater of Paldea. Depending on which version you get, players will meet either Koraidon or Miraidon early in the game, both of which are from Area Zero. Players will notice that Miraidon and Koraidon both appear to be related to the common Pokemon Cyclizar, though Koraidon looks like a more powerful ancestor of Cyclizar, while Miraidon looks like a futuristic version of the Pokemon.

During the Path of Legends storyline, players will encounter another Pokemon from Area Zero – Great Tusks Pokemon Scarlet or iron steps in it Pokemon Violet, both of which resemble Donphan from the future or the past. And when players finally enter Area Zero, they discover the truth: Area Zero is home to a time machine that takes Pokemon from the prehistoric past or the distant future and brings them to the present.

Including Miraidon and Koraidon, there are a total of 16 Pokemon associated with Area Zero. Players have dubbed these Pokemon “Paradox Pokemon” because of their designations in the Pokedex. Like Ultra Beasts, the Paradox Pokemon (except Miraidon and Koraidon) all have the same ability based on the game they come from. Paradox pokemon inside Pokemon Scarlet have the Protosynthesis ability, which increases their highest stat while in bright sunlight or when holding booster energy, while Paradox Pokemon in Pokemon Violet have the Quark Drive ability, which increases their highest stat while on Electric Terrain or while holding booster energy.

You can view images of all 16 Paradox Pokemon below:

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