Ahsoka Rumor teases beloved Rebels who appear in live action

Star Wars: Ahsoka is shaping up to me more than just an Ahsoka Tano solo series, it’s also really a live-action sequel to the fan favorite Star Wars Rebels animated series. The latest rumors about Ahsoka indicate that the show will be dropping another major Easter egg connection rebelsin the form of a lover Star Wars creatures making their way into live action.

make star wars claims that a giant White Wolf (or “Loth-wolf”) from Star Wars Rebels will occur in Ahsoka. The outlet is quite confident in this particular rumor, going so far as to break down how Disney and Lucasfilm once again dressed up a real horse as a stand-in for the White Wolf, to capture realistic riding movements for both the rider (Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka Tano) and the animal (the Loth wolf), which will later be painted over with the necessary CGI effects. Less certain is the message that Lucasfilm also honored classics Star Wars production by also having an animatronic or puppet wolf head for close-ups.

Ahsoka showrunner Dave Filoni has always been open about Princess Mononoke’s anime influences on Ahsoka Tano and the Loth wolves, so her live-action ride is probably on his bucket list. In addition, Filoni teased the return of the wolves in one of the first pictures Ahsoka that was released. This “rumor” certainly seems to be on Filoni’s bucket list.

What is Star Wars Giant White Loth-Wolf?

(Photo: Disney/Lucas film)

Star Wars Rebels followed an early cell of the Rebel Alliance known as The Specters. The group originated on the planet Lothal in the Outer Rim Territories, and one of the species found on that planet were the Loth wolves, larger versions of traditional wolves. The Loth wolves (like others Star Wars animals) aided the heroes at various times and were recurring symbols of the light side of the Force.

There was a particularly large, white Loth wolf named Dume who took on a deeper role rebels: When Jedi Kanan Jarrus was killed on an important mission to save his love and Rebel teammate Hera Syndulla, his spirit still communicated and helped his young padawan Ezra Bridger, through the ship of the great white Loth wolf, who came to be known as ” Dume,” an echo of Kanan’s birth name, Caleb Dume.

It will be interesting to see if Ahsoka brings back Dume as an embodiment of Kanan. It would make sense since Kanan is just about the only member of the Specters who doesn’t seem to be coming back for Ahsoka – at least not in person.

Star Wars: Ahsoka is expected to premiere on Disney+ in 2023.

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