After the duo’s separation, Simaria appears by surprise at Simone’s solo show

The two officially announced their professional separation in August and got back on stage together for the first time on Saturday the 24th.

Reproduction/Instagram/simoneesimariaProfessionally broken since August, Simone and Simaria met again on the podium this Saturday 24th

The singer Simaria Mendeswho has not been on stage since June this year, surprised her sister, Simone Mendes, during the singer’s solo show this Saturday 24, when he appeared on the stage of the former duo. Both officially announced their professional separation on August 18. The presentation took place in São Bernardo do Campo, metropolitan region of So Paulo, in a concert hall. Simaria appeared unannounced and sang a few songs with her sister, who was moved by the unusual appearance. ‘You came here as a surprise, I didn’t even expect it. Where are you from? From a box?’ Simon joked. “I said, ‘I’m going to honor my sister today,'” replied Simaria, who made her sister cry onstage from the emotion of the reunion. Records of the moment went viral on social media and show the former duo dancing to the song Loka, a successful hit in collaboration with funk singer Anitta. Despite the moment of the truce, it is worth noting that the two had a difficult end to their professional relationship when several disagreements between the sisters were revealed to the public. In addition to the constant fighting, Simaria claimed at the time that she would temporarily leave the stage to take care of her children and her voice. It was up to Simone to take care of the duo’s concert schedule alone. Watch the reunion in the video below..

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