After Larissa Manoela exposed the disease, her boyfriend says she is strong to carry the ‘burden’

André Luiz Frambach supported the artist who discovered polycystic ovary in addition to endometriosis

Reproduction/Instagram/andreluizframbachAndré Luiz Frambach spoke out after Larissa Manoela revealed that she had been diagnosed with the disease

The actor Andre Luiz Frambach showed support for his girlfriend, the actress Larissa Manoela, after the artist announced on social media that she was destabilized with the diagnosis she received after undergoing an exam. “Heavenly Father gives a burden only to those who are strong enough to bear it. Besides being awesome and strong, you have a beautiful family, a partner who is always by your side and an amazing family we have together! Let’s all go together and everything will be easier. I love you and admire you very much,” wrote the actor, who is currently appearing on the soap opera “Cara e Coragem”, on social networks. Last Tuesday, the 21st, Larissa told her followers that after a detailed ultrasound she discovered that in addition to endometriosis, she also has a polycystic ovary. “It is not easy being a woman. The positive diagnosis is frightening and I confess to destabilizing. But I am sure that I will find the best treatment for both diseases,” explained the artist DE endometriosis It is characterized by the growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterine cavity. This results in pain in the pelvic area and during intercourse. In some cases, surgery is necessary. The disease can cause infertility, as well as the syndrome of polycystic ovarywhich is a hormonal disorder that causes the ovaries to enlarge with small cysts appearing on the outside.

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