After homophobic statements, JoJo Siwa wants to distance herself from the star of Three is Too Much

the american singer JoJo Siwa does not have the slightest intention of maintaining contact with the star of Three is too manyCameron Bure.

Bure rose to fame when she gave birth to Margaret Tanner in the American series and last week surprised fans and colleagues when she said she would not allow gay couples in her next films.

The speech of the actress, who considers herself a “devout Christian”, caused a wave of reaction among Hollywood performers and even music stars. One of the artists who took a stand against Cameron was an up-and-coming singer JoJo Siwa.

In an interview with People magazine, Siwa stated that he has no intention of keeping in touch with the actress, saying: “No [conversamos] and I don’t think we’ll ever talk again.”

Candace Cameron Bure at The View

Siwa, who is 19 years old, went further and said that the Three is too many should talk to the LGBTQIA+ community and even GLAAD, an association against gay and lesbian defamation.

“I… want her to talk to GLAAD [uma a]🇧🇷 I think Cameron needs to talk to it [a CEO Sarah Kate Ellis]that would be an eye opener not only for her, but also for a whole world of people who might have the same beliefs.

Siwa even referred to Cameron as “cheeky” and “painful”. Cameron also came out publicly to defend the Great American Family network for perpetuating “traditional marriages” in the “core” of your programming.

Still on her Instagram, the singer posted a message reaffirming her support for the LGBT community, saying: “I would like everyone to do what they want. But putting someone out on purpose because of who they love, that’s terrible.”

This wasn’t the first time Siwa and Cameron had argued. A few weeks ago, the dancer and youtuber used her TikTok to say that the star of Three is too many would be the rudest celebrity she had ever met.

Cameron took to his Instagram at the time, apologized, explained everything that happened and shared with fans how he resolved the friction with Siwa.

Amidst the backlash, Cameron Bure defended his lines, stating that the media was trying to “kill”. [a sua] character”.

Recently, Cameron also announced she was producing a Christmas movie with Great American Family, the same network she praised for not featuring gay couples in her movies days earlier.

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