After divorcing Arthur Aguiar, Maíra Cardi seeks a relationship with a wealthy man to avoid betrayal

On social networks, the coach stated that he is looking for a successful partner: “You cannot be a person who is not on the same level as me, who will not even be able to break the electricity bill in my house. ‘

Play/Instagram/@mairacardiMaíra Cardi mentioned characteristics she looks for in a future husband

A response from the digital influencer Maria Cardi sparked controversy on social media. On Instagram, the ex-wife of Arthur Aguiar opened up about her future relationships. The former BBB and nutrition coach said she is not currently looking for a new husband and her sentimental side is changing. “I’m not thinking about getting married, but when I get married, there’s a list. I just broke up and it’s the first time I’m very happy with my company, I’m fine, light and very grateful. My two children are wonderful, I live a financial working moment that I am very fulfilled. I am not looking for marriage. Possibly I won’t be alone for the rest of my life, I’m a person who likes to share I guess wedding our emotional part develops a lot. It’s my first time making that decision. I am not one of those people who like to kiss on the mouth and go out for sex without having a real commitment, I like passion,” she explained.

Maíra stated that her past relationships did not follow a book of common characteristics, but that the next must be a financially successful man to join her in her spending. “I never had that prototype husband. I just fell in love, got involved. Now I’m an adult, I have my kids and I already know what I want. I want to fall in love with a person who will make me grow, who will develop me. I am a very successful woman, my bills are extremely high and I make expensive productions. If I am in a relationship with a man who is not successful chances are he will feel inferior because he will not be able to go to the restaurant with me, he will not even be able to share the electric bill at my house. I can’t be someone who isn’t on the same level as me simply because I want her to feel good. The man if he feels inferior, possibly him to cheat. From this evil I want to be free.”

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