After 3 years, São Paulo again elects King Momo and Queen of Carnival

One month after the Samba Schools Parade, male and female candidates were judged by 15 judges and Robério Theodoro, from Mocidade Alegre, and Rhawane Izidoro, from Imperador do Ipiranga, took home the crowns

Play/Jovem Pan NewsAfter three years without the competition, Rei Momo and Rainha do Carnaval 2023 were chosen in São Paulo

A month ago Parade of the samba schools of São Paulothe capital of São Paulo preferred the court of Carnival 2023. The event took place amid much excitement as the last time the election took place in court was in 2020, before the critical phase of the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19. There were six candidates for Queen and seven candidates for Rei Momo, judged by 15 judges. King Momo’s crown went to Robério Theodoro, van Mocidade Alegre. The sambista’s clothes were made with the banners of all the state’s samba schools and, in an interview with Young Pannews, Robério emphasized that the tribute points to the need for unity between the organizations: “We must unite. The dispute is from the yellow line inward, for that we must unite. We are friends and we should celebrate. So I wanted to pay this wonderful tribute to all the samba schools in São Paulo.” Rhawane Izidoro, from Imperador do Ipiranga, shed no tears when she was announced as queen of this carnival.

The 26-year-old is a mother and commented on the difficulties of reaching the competition: “She [filhas] sympathize with me every day in this struggle. Take the overcrowded train to take lessons with my former teacher during rush hour, take an aesthetics lesson, a samba lesson on the feet. Everything was done with a lot of preparation in 15 days, it was 15 non-stop days where they went up and down with me by train and bus”. At the opening of the ceremony, all participants took the stage and danced after 2 years of absence from the competition. The path to reach the throne is not an easy one and the winners had to meet several requirements such as elegance, kindness, body aesthetics, communication and a lot of samba on foot.

*With information from reporter Camila Yunes

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