AEW Star believes AEW will benefit from recent WWE changes

History has its eyes on WWE. Following Vince McMahon’s return to WWE’s board of directors and Stephanie McMahon’s resignation as WWE Chairman and Co-CEO, reports have emerged that WWE is seeking a sale to a parent company. Possible candidates include Comcast, Amazon, Endeavor, Disney and the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia. Chatter about the latter has sparked significant turmoil within the professional wrestling landscape, as many have questioned the morality of WWE selling itself to a country that bans stars like Sami Zayn and MVP from performing within its borders.

In the midst of all this uncertainty, it was just normal for All Elite Wrestling. Tony Khan’s fledgling wrestling promotion kicked off the new year with a fresh look AEW dynamite and pulled in a $700,000 gate at this week’s show in Los Angeles.

While the Jacksonville-based company operates as its own entity, AEW star Matt Hardy believes WWE’s behind-the-scenes chaos will only benefit his current employer.

“There’s a lot of sales, rumors and innuendos going around. If you ask me, who’s benefiting most from all of this? I’d say AEW,” Hardy said on his podcast (u/t competitive). “I’m really happy to be with AEW right now. AEW has produced great content I think, and one thing I love about it, at WWE they put games with thrones. It’s like in and out, who can take the power keep, and who can stab in the back, or who can get someone else out, or how do I get back in, whatever it may be here it’s just TK thankfully [Tony Khan] sitting on the Iron Throne.”

Hardy qualified his statement by noting that “there are opportunities” in tumultuous times.

“WWE has been the leader in pro wrestling and sports entertainment for many, many years. But I mean, it’s really in a chaotic state right now,” Hardy continued. “It’s just going to be really interesting to see where WWE is in six months. I just think all this chaos will benefit Tony Khan and AEW more than anyone else. I think AEW bought a lot and earned good will from wrestling , and I think now with this WWE thing, AEW benefits because they say, ‘Well, I know we have AEW, and they’re very good to us.’ They are good to their fans and they try to be led by a good person. I will emphasize that Tony Khan is a great and phenomenal person.”

AEW returns to television tonight with AEW rampageairs at 10 p.m. ET on TNT.

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