AEW fans hyped after bloody street brawl on Rampage

AEW ended tonight’s Rampage with an epic and bloody brawl between Anna Jay and Tay Conti of The Jericho Appreciation Society and the newer team of Ruby Soho and Willow Nightingale, and fans have a lot to say about what happened. This is the second street fight Jay and Conti have competed in, and the first set the bar high. Somehow the second met that bar, and Willow and Ruby both brought it up and weren’t afraid to get brutal in the game. Chairs, barbed wire, tables and nails were all involved in the end, and fans kept talking about it. You can see some of the big responses coming in from the next slide.

There were some embarrassing moments throughout the match. At one point, Jay trapped the Queenslayer with barbed wire wrapped around Willow’s arm, but Willow was able to get out by hitting Jay against the corner tensioner. Then Ruby landed in a trash can on the floor, and Conti jumped off the ring and stomped on it, where Ruby also got sliced ​​open.

Later in the match, Ruby was bleeding profusely, but she continued to fight. Jay and Willow would end up in the ramp and Willow would power-bomb Jay through a table under the ramp. Unfortunately, Jay completely missed the table and slammed her back on the floor as Willow smashed through the table.

Later, Conti took out the tacks and tried to hit Ruby on them. She was able to avoid that, but had to put her hand on the tacks to avoid falling, which looked painful. Then she knocked Conti down on the tacks and took the pin and the win. Everyone looked rough afterwards, but the fans were raving about the game and you can see some of the reactions on the next slide.

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