Actress is arrested for drunk driving and says she ran away from sex 3

the English actress Honeysuckle weeks gave something to talk about last Tuesday (10) when he appeared in court in England last November after admitting guilt for drunk driving. But the girl’s explanation for committing the crime was even more surprising than the action itself.

In her testimony, the actress stated that she drove in those conditions because she wanted to escape a threesome.

Honeysuckle Weeks in the Foyle’s War Series (Reproduction)

In the report, she explained that she went out drinking with her friends and that at one point she felt she would be forced to have a threesome at the friend’s house where she was going to spend the night.

Therefore, she preferred to take the car and leave, because she was not interested in the plans of the people who were with her.

“I was hoping to spend the night with a friend, but the man in question invited his partner to the premises and I was at risk of being forced to engage in sexual acts with them, which I found extremely undesirable,” she said. until the publication of daily mail.

Honeysuckle Weeks (Twitter View)

Honeysuckle Weeks eventually ran into bigger trouble

When she tried to leave the scene, she had to back up, but ended up crashing into a parked car.

To add to her misfortune, an off-duty police officer watched the entire scene and caught the actress, after suspecting she was really under the influence of alcohol.

He immediately subjected her to a breathalyzer test and sent her to the police station, as the girl had twice the amount of alcohol in her blood than the country’s legislation allows.

In her defense, the actress stated that she currently had no source of income and received only government assistance.

In the end, she was banned from driving for 20 months and even fined. Subsequently, she agreed to take a driving skills course. This will shave five months off your total ban.

She will be able to drive again in April 2024.

Currently, at the age of 45, Honeysuckle dated actor Hugh Grant in the 2000s and rose to fame for her performance in the series. Foyle’s Warbetween 2002 and 2015.

In addition, she has participated in productions such as the series The Midsomer Murders and The Mysteries of Frankie Drakeand in the movies The power of a passion (2000) and The straw tree.

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