Actress has an accident, almost dies during series shooting and regrets it

Kristin Chenoweth almost died during filming The good womanand revealed that he did not sue CBS over the accident, but that he regrets it.

The actress joined the series’ cast as a recurring character in 2012, for the attraction’s fourth season. In an interview on the talk show Watch what’s happening live, Kristin described her accident and said that no one from the network contacted her after that. Today she believes she should have taken legal action against the company.

“I didn’t because I had fear and anxiety, so my tip is never let fear rule your life. Now I have injuries that will have a long-term impact.”

During filming, lighting equipment came loose and hit Kristin, seriously injuring her and sending her to the hospital unconscious:

“I heard a noise, like a mast. I literally heard, “We’re running out of light,” and they said, “Action.” And I woke up [Hospital] Bellevue. The floodlight hit me in the face and knocked me over the curb. It caused an 18 cm skull fracture, a cleft, broken teeth and ribs.”

Kristin Chenoweth as Peggy Byrne in The Good Wife (Disclosure)

The accident interrupted her character’s story and was never finished in the series.

“I wish I had listened to my dad say, ‘You’re going to want to sue them.’ We don’t come from a family that usually accuses others, but when they almost kill you…”

Kristin’s life on The Good Wife was saved by an unusual object

Despite everything, Kristin didn’t lose her good humor, joking when she shared that her hair extensions prevent her from getting much more serious injuries:

‘My hair extensions held the pieces of my skull together, you know? My doctor asked, “What are these little metal things here?” I said they were my extensions. “They saved your life,” he said. So for anyone who wants hair extensions should do so, for their own health.

Kristin Chenoweth as Peggy Byrne in The Good Wife (Disclosure)

Kristin plays journalist Peggy Byrne on the show and only appeared on the show for two episodes. The idea was that the character would try to uncover compromising information from Alicia and Peter (Juliana Margulies and Chris Noth).

According to information from the production of the series, due to the accident of the actress, the storyline that would be Peggy went to Mandy Post (Miriam Schorin Hedwig and the Wicked Inch), competitor of Eli Gold.

The good woman is available on Paramount+.

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