Actor opens the game and explodes anti-sharing Netflix passwords

a Netflix recently came under sharp criticism after the publication of its plan against sharing passwords and accounts. The company received complaints not only from subscribers, but also from artists.

Justice Smithwho played The Get Downof Netflix, has the verb in the tweet about the decision the company has made about who should or shouldn’t have access to an account. He wrote:

“If I got another job at Netflix and I had to film for 2-4 months, wouldn’t I be able to use my Netflix account even if I worked for them?”

Some fans sided with the actor and responded to his tweet. “They cancelled The Get Down, they don’t deserve you anymore,” said one person. “They are going to annoy so many people to cancel,” wrote another.

“I said EXACTLY yesterday ‘so real filmmakers can’t use Netflix while they work?’ We spent a YEAR abroad doing a show! We would sign out if we did another long job with this new system they have…” commented one Twitter user.

“Or like people who live in a van without WiFi??? Or people who do backpacking and stay in hotels for a long time?” asked one fan.

“My friend said to me, ‘I bet even the people who work for Netflix think this is a bad idea.’ And I replied, “As a TV producer, I can assure you it’s true,” someone else wrote.

Some Twitter users reacted to Netflix’s hypocrisy, which once encouraged password sharing via a meme.

What is Netflix planning with anti-password sharing?

Netflix (playback)

Netflix has experienced a significant decline in subscribers in recent years, not only due to the arrival of new streaming services, but also due to rising monthly costs and subscriber dissatisfaction with premature cancellations of series.

In an effort to retain subscribers and not incur losses, the company has made available an ad-supported subscription, but it does not give access to the full catalog. Tests have been conducted in some countries to charge an additional monthly fee for each person who shares an account with someone else.

With the anti-sharing measure, more people would be forced to subscribe to the streaming service because they would no longer be able to use a family member’s or friend’s account. Some people share the monthly amount because they cannot afford it alone.

With this, the owner of an account will have to periodically verify who is using the account with him, via an e-mail and a four-digit code. The verification of the devices is done via the Wi-Fi connection of the residence. This makes it difficult to use the account away from home.

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