Accused of abuse, actor says he was raped at age 13 by an evangelical minister

After seeing his career collapse when he was charged with assault and cannibalism Army Hammer tells his version of the story, claiming he even contemplated suicide two years ago at the height of the controversy. The actor even clarified that he was sexually assaulted at the age of 13 by an evangelical minister.

In 2021, Armie was investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department, and so it was accused of rapein addition to having leaked posts on social networks exposing him as cannibal. He denied being abusive, but admits to emotionally abusing people he met on the internet.

“I was a million percent abusive. They were women in their twenties, I’m in my thirties, I was a successful actor at the time. I thought they would be happy to be with me and say “yes” to everything they normally wouldn’t. That’s an imbalance of power in the situation.”

Actor talks about abuse he suffered as a teenager

Armie Hammer in The Man from UNCLE (play)

The actor said his fetishes and interest are in domination and masochism the result of an abuse he suffered from an evangelical minister in early adolescence.

“It introduced sexuality into my life in a way that got completely out of hand. I was powerless in the situation, because sexuality was presented to me in a terrifying way. My interests then became: I want to be in control of the situation, sexually,” he told the airmail.

The newspaper publication mentions that Armie only told a few people about this abuse they suffered before reaching adulthood, and also has the testimony of his godmother, who knew what was happening.

Preventing controversy and suicide attempt by children

Oliver (Armie Hammer) in Call Me By Your Name (play)

Exactly two years ago, reports of air channels started appearing on the Internet, leading to several women he dated taking a stand.

The scandal was so great that he was abandoned by his agency, he lost several roles, including the protagonist of Armed marriagestarring Jennifer Lopez (which premiered last week on Prime Video), went on to work as a real estate agent, went to a recovery clinic and won a documentary series on Discovery+ (also available in Brazil at HBO max).

In the eye of the hurricane, he says he thought hard about taking his own life.

“I just waded in and swam as far as I could and waited to drown, get hit by a boat or get eaten by a shark. Then I realized my kids were still on the beach, and I couldn’t do this to them.”

The actor said that now he is in a different situation, he can see life with his children, but he would never go back and undo everything that went wrong in his life.

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