‘A Fazenda 14’: Deolane Bezerra Is Thinking Of Giving Up Reality To Vote In The Election

Lawyer and digital influencer failed to reveal what her voices would be

Play/PlayPlusDeolane Bezerra Considered Leaving “A Fazenda 14” To Vote In 2022 Election

The lawyer and digital influencer Deolane Bezerra confessed that he is thinking about getting the “The farm 14to vote for elections 2022, scheduled for Sunday 2. However, she did not disclose what her votes would be. The topic came up when the farmer of the week, Vini Buttel, reflected what the weather should be like outside of the reality show. “Wow, the Brazil It must be chaos,” he said. Then Deolane Bezerra recalled that the election was just days away. “My God, the election is Sunday. If I don’t leave on Saturday to leave, I won’t give up,” he noted. Dancer Ellen Cardoso, better known as small strawberry, was also present at the time and responded to the lawyer’s speech. “Please stop? We’ll tie you up,” he said. Deolane was quick to defend the thought of leaving: “Election, right.” The actor Thomas Costa also entered the conversation to voice an opinion, saying that Deolane would not be able to vote because of the mandatory pledges she would have right after the program. “If you go out on a Saturday, you can forget about it, because you don’t even have time to go to the elections. There will be many things for you to go to.” Vini Buttel added: “If you are going to ask to leave, ask closer to the second round time.” Finally, Deolane joked about the speech from the pawn.”And do you know if you’ll go to the second round?” he added.

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