‘A Fazenda 14’: Deborah reveals about Petala and accuses rival of impersonating Arthur Aguiar

Ex-Power Couple stated that Deolane’s friend hired staff to provide cheers; watch

Play/PlayPlusDeborah Albuquerque revealed that Petala hired Arthur Aguiar’s team before entering reality

With open rivalry against Deolane Bezerra and Barreiros petal, Deborah Albuquerque said his plan is to target people from the other group to compete with each other for the first swidden of “The farm 14”. If you talk about it with Bruno Thalamo, the ex-Power Couple stated that Deolane’s boyfriend entered the reality show with a defined strategy. “I want to put two or three” [na roça] because since they are affiliated, their fans are the same. There are three supporters who vote together and Petal’s is Arthur Aguiar [campeão do ‘BBB 22’]. She came first to brag [do programa]hadn’t even started using PlayPlus, it made sense when we joined, and that’s the [torcida] by Arthur Aguiar, so she tries to imitate him,” explains Deborah. “Why is his supporter?” asked Bruno. “Because she hired his team. His team is very nice, but Arthur is a great guy and she is a silly, boring girl, a shadow”, replied the redhead. According to the journalist, this is no guarantee that she will have the same success as Arthur: “No team supports a man who does not embrace the public, it can be the best team in the world”. On the other hand, Deborah was also accused of entering reality as a character. in conversation with Barbara Borges, wine said: “She even came with the calculated clothes, she doesn’t wear those clothes outside. Tiara, colorful stocking… she’s not like that. She dresses like a little girl to unconsciously sell the image of a helpless person.”

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