‘A Fazenda 14’: Alex, Deborah, Tiago and Rosiane are in the countryside

Alex, Tiago and Rosiane will participate in the farm race this Wednesday to try and get off the farm

reproductionThe third swidden of A Fazenda 14 is formed

The third rock farm 14 has been prepared. This Tuesday, 04, the reality show had a vote to define the next one to be eliminated from the house. Farmer of the week, Vini Buttel, voted Alex as the first rocker of the night. Around the house the mood was tight and the most voted was Tiago Ramos – counting on a two-weight vote from Iran breaking ties with Shay. The player drew Deborah Albuquerque from the bay. In ‘One Remains’, Rosiane Pinheiro over and went to the countryside for the second time in a row. As usual, Rosi was able to block one person from the test and chose Deborah. With that, Rosiane, Tiago and Alex farmer proof this Wednesday the 5th.

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