2025 Toyota Stout: Old badge could be revived for new ute – report

2025 Toyota Stout: Old badge could be revived for new ute - report

Industry whispers point to a new compact pickup being developed by Toyota, and it could take on a name that hasn’t been used in decades.

That Toyota Stout was one of the first Japanese Utes to prove a reliable and capable workhorse on Australian farms in the 1960s and 1970s – Now it has been revealed that the badge could return.

While Toyota eventually replaced the Stout in Australia with the more modern HiLux, unearthed trademark filings could be a sign that the model will return to the company’s lineup.

According to Argentinian website car web, Toyota has registered the Stout name in the region, suggesting the Japanese auto giant might consider using the badge on a small ute – possibly to compete in North America against the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz.

The Toyota Stout could also offer an alternative to the many car-based Utens also sold in South America, such as the Fiat Strada, Renault Duster Oroch, Volkswagen Saveiro and Chevrolet Montana.

This digital rendition of the artist theottle (above) gives an idea of ​​what a Stout Ute might look like, with the design inspired by Toyota’s Compact Cruiser EV concept – which may itself launch as a LiteCruiser.

The trademark filing is not the first evidence of a Toyota compact pickup. In June 2022, said Jack Hollis, senior vice president of automotive operations at Toyota North America Automotive News “There’s room” in the brand’s range for a ute that sits under the (HiLux-sized) Tacoma.

It’s also not the first time Mr. Hollis has pushed the idea of ​​a small pickup truck. He unveiled the Toyota A-Bat hybrid-ute concept – which shares a similar silhouette to the newer Hyundai Santa Cruz – at the 2008 Detroit Motor Show and narrated Wards intelligence In 2010, a small pickup truck for Toyota’s now-defunct Scion sub-brand, sold in the US and Canada, was not off the table.

in the same Automotive News In an interview, fellow Cooper Ericksen, group vice president of product planning and strategy, said his team is “actively investigating” a pickup truck below the Tacoma.

“It is undeniable that these products have a place in the market. And how big will this segment get? I don’t know, but we have to look at that and see if it’s an area where we should be playing,” he said.

Mr Ericksen admitted to owning a 1982 Toyota HiLux with a cab – but said he regularly bumps his head because it’s so small.

“We probably need something more spacious inside, more of an SUV with a bed concept, so it really fits,” he said.

“And all the more [Mavericks] that Ford sells, frankly, the more [Santa Cruz pick-ups] that Hyundai sells, the more we’ll be able to do good research into who those customers are, why they want that vehicle, and we’ll see if that’s the area we want to go into.”

Mr. Ericksen also provided some guidance on the US website engine trend about how Toyota is thinking about building a potential new ute.

“If there’s a customer that needs a rugged, smaller body-on-frame vehicle, we can consider that, but if it’s more for city use and less extreme terrain, then it would make more sense to go with the TNGA unibody.” platform to use. ” he said.

The comments sparked speculation that the new Toyota pickup will be based on the TNGA platform that underpins the RAV4, as Ford is building its Maverick Ute on the same architecture as the Escape SUV, subcompact Focus and Bronco Sport as well as the Hyundai Santa based Cruz was developed from a Tucson.

Toyota North America executive vice president of sales Bob Carter also admitted in the same interview that the company was considering a smaller Ute.

“One of the areas we’re looking at — it won’t be in the short term — is where the compact pickup truck is going,” Mr. Carter said engine trend in June.

“They have Santa Cruz and Maverick on the market and it will be interesting to see [Volkswagen’s] Explore [electric brand, coming in 2026]. Today, however, we have covered the market really well with Tacoma [a compact pick-up] could be a possibility and something we continue to look at.”

Mr. Carter also hinted that more information would be made available at the company’s HQ Confidential Three media conference for US journalists in June 2023, adding, “The trip will be worth it.”

While the evidence is mounting for a compact Ute from Toyota, there’s nothing to suggest Australia will get such a model at this point – unless, like the full-size pickup truck rivalry of the Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra, Ford is forcing Toyota on hand by bringing the Maverick to our shores.

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