2024 Ram 1500 Revolution electric pick-up presented

2024 Ram 1500 Revolution electric pick-up presented

A concept version of Ram’s forthcoming 1500 electric pickup truck has been unveiled in the US and is under consideration for Australia.

The electrics 2024 RAM 1500 BEV Pick-up was introduced as a concept at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas called The Aries 1500 Revolution.

Ram hasn’t disclosed the full specs of the 1500 Revolution, but revealed that the vehicle comes with dual electric motors for all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering. Power outputs remain unknown for the time being.

The US pickup truck specialist says the production version of the 1500 BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) “will lead in a combination of areas that most interest customers: range, towing capacity, payload and charging time”.

Although initially only teased as a concept car, journey understands that Ram Trucks Australia has already expressed an interest should an electric version of the Ram 1500 go into production in the US.

However, a locally converted right-hand drive version of the electric Ram 1500 would likely be years away from local showrooms.

Production of an electric Ram 1500 would likely be prioritized for the US market first, meaning Australia might not get access to such a vehicle until 2025 or beyond – in the same way the supercharged Ram TRX flagship came a few years after its USA in Australia on debut.

Underpinned by the STLA frame architecture — a “skateboard”-like layout similar to that used by the Hummer and Chevrolet electric pickups, rather than a body-on-frame — Ram claims that using 160 km of range in 10 minutes, an 800-volt DC fast charger with up to 350 kW can be added.

While the battery and range for the 1500 BEV have not been announced at this time, Ram’s parent company Stellantis has previously claimed that the vehicle will offer a range of up to 800 km with a battery pack of 159 kWh or more.

Instead, design took center stage at the pick-up’s unveiling, with the concept of the 1500 Revolution showcasing the brand’s new direction, which it called bruitiful.

The platform uses smaller electric motors, which allowed the cab to be brought forward and increased the length of the cab by more than 100 millimeters without affecting the size of the ute hull.

The crew-cab concept features rear-hinged doors for second-row occupants, creating a “large sedan-style opening” thanks to the absence of a center roof pillar.

Behind the second-row passenger is a foldable “mid-gate” panel – similar to a Ute tailgate but mounted in the center of the vehicle, separating the cabin from the tub.

The rear window retracts into this “mid-gate” panel, which then folds into the floor (much like the rear seats in a sedan or station wagon), stows the second row of seats and rotates the pickup into an open-top two-seater cabin and much larger loading area (see picture above).

Cargo area from the rear of the vehicle to a ski port at the “frunk” – the front trunk area under the hood – offers almost 5.5 meters of storage space.

It’s unclear if this cabin layout and storage option will find its way into the production car or if this is just a feature of the concept car.

An animated Ram logo is displayed on the front of the 1500 Revolution, with LED lights integrated into the vehicle’s bodywork front and rear.

Digital cameras replace the side mirrors on the concept vehicle, while a head-up display with augmented reality is projected onto the windshield in front of the driver.

Also included are a power charge port door, power tailgate, power steps, power rear step with active diffuser, and flush-mount door handles.

Sustainable materials have been used throughout the concept’s interior, including a recycled rubber and cork floor and apple-derived faux leather, Ram says.

Two 14.2-inch infotainment screens are mounted on the center dash, with the lower screen being removable and usable as a tablet, vehicle controller, or video game controller for passengers.

Ram also developed Shadow Mode for the 1500 Revolution, which allows the vehicle to automatically follow the driver like an obedient dog at walking pace in situations such as gathering tools at a construction site.

Smart home devices can also be controlled from the vehicle, while a vehicle personal assistant uses artificial intelligence to follow voice commands whether the owner is inside or outside the pickup.

The Ram 1500 Revolution is equipped with several external projectors that allow important information to be displayed on the road in front of the vehicle, but can also be used to project films and other media.

Ram Trucks Australia officials declined to comment on future product plans but said the company is always looking at ways to expand the range locally.

journey understands that Ram Trucks Australia has yet to formally assess the suitability and demand for an electric version of the Ram 1500 locally as the vehicle is only at the concept stage in the United States.

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