2023 Tesla Model Y Performance Australia one step closer

2023 Tesla Model Y Performance Australia one step closer

Deliveries of the powerful electric SUV are set to begin soon in New Zealand, and Australia could be next on the list.

The first batch of 2023 Tesla Model Y performance Electric SUVs for Australia are expected to arrive in the coming months.

New electric vehicles are often launched in New Zealand ahead of Australia due to attractive incentives for buyers in the country. Also, new cars have fewer regulations to comply with, which can speed up the time-to-market process.

While deliveries in Australia were expected to begin between November and December 2022, customers were told in October that Model Y Performance deliveries had been delayed to between January and March 2023.

For those placing orders today, Tesla is currently giving an estimated delivery time frame of three to six months.

The battery-powered Model Y Performance offers acceleration almost equal to the V8-powered Lamborghini Urus, with the Tesla’s twin electric motors producing 393 kW for a claimed 0-100 km/h time of 3.7 seconds.

But while the Lambo starts at $395,888, the Tesla Model Y Performance starts at $94,900 before luxury car tax and road costs — $1,800 cheaper than when Tesla launched the SUV in June 2022.

The vehicle uses an 82.8 kWh battery pack that offers a range of 514 km based on the European WLTP test cycle.

At least one Tesla Model Y Performance already exists in Australia – brought to the country in the second half of 2021 by the company for evaluation and media events.

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