2023 BYD Seal electric car filmed on camera in Australia

2023 BYD Seal electric car filmed on camera in Australia

Chinese electric carmaker BYD’s rival for the best-selling Tesla Model 3 has been spied on the road – or rather, just off the road – in Australia ahead of its first showrooms arriving this year.

Image copyright: Al Vuectic, BYD EV Owners Australia group on Facebook.

the 2023 BYD Seal electric car – the Chinese company’s challenger for the Tesla Model 3 sedan – was photographed in Australia before it is expected to hit local showrooms before the end of this year.

Photos posted by Al Vuectic to BYD EV Owners Australia Facebook Group shows a camouflaged right-hand drive Seal sedan on a pickup truck in Sydney, probably ahead of a test lap on local roads.

As previously reported, the opening of orders – and the arrival of the first showrooms – for the BYD Seal in Australia has been postponed to the second half of 2023.

There’s little to note about this Australian prototype that hasn’t been spotted in photos of cars in China, but it’s right-hand drive – and wears Continental tires rather than the much-criticized Atlas Batman tires on Australia’s small BYD Atto 3 SUV , the exam through drive (and customers) found to have insufficient grip.

Image copyright: Al Vuectic, BYD EV Owners Australia group on Facebook.

As previously reported, the Seal is similar in size to a Toyota Camry or Tesla Model 3 — and is classed in Chinese showrooms under BYD’s “Ocean” range, alongside the nautically-named Dolphin and Seagull hatchbacks, and the upcoming Sea electric SUV Lion and Frigate and Corvette 07 hybrid SUVs.

drive has previously reported that the Seal is set to get a new name when it launches in Australia, but it’s unclear if that’s still planned.

Going by Chinese prices, the Seal range could start at around $60,000 in Australia – but that’s an estimate and Australian prices are yet to be announced.

In China, the Seal is available with a quoted range of up to 700km (in lenient Chinese lab tests) or up to 390kW / 670Nm in flagship dual-engine versions capable of a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 3, 8 seconds can deliver .

Stay tuned drive for more news on the 2023 BYD Seal electric car as the local launch, due later this year, approaches.

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