2020 Lexus ES F Sport

2020 Lexus ES F Sport

I was unhappy driving a small hatchback and looked at the Lexus because I was considering a Camry SL and wanted to see if the Lexus was worth the difference. When I saw it I was convinced and I made my choice 2020 Lexus ES F Sport because I wasn’t sure about the spindle grid on the other models. The Enhancement Pack was easy to decide as I love my music and the retailer had a demonstrator at a small discount. The sedan served my needs better than an SUV.

I liked the fact that Lexus has a Toyota build plate and that the car’s size and equipment seemed better value without the statement that could be attached to a Mercedes or BMW. There aren’t very many Lexus 300hs around, or big sedans, and I’m happy to be different rather than worry I made the wrong choice. I am confident that it will bring me many trouble-free kilometers.

The seats, ride and refinement are all excellent. The engine and the transition from electric to petrol engine can hardly be heard. The steering is good for long freeway trips and corners well for a large front-wheel drive car, but for getting around town I wish it was sharper. I can get by with the touchpad for information/entertainment, but I’m not a fan.

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