1976 McLaren M23 Formula 1 replica from the movie ‘Rush’ auctioned

1976 McLaren M23 Formula 1 replica from the movie 'Rush' auctioned

A legendary racing car replica from the successful Ron Howard film “Rush” has found a new owner.

A replica Formula 1 car used in the Hollywood blockbuster Hurry up was auctioned in the UK.

It is one of two replicas of the McLaren M23 race car used in the 2013 Ron Howard film, with the original car being driven by James Hunt in the 1976 F1 season.

Hunt was portrayed in the film by Australian Chris Hemsworth, who describes the intense battle against Ferrari driver Niki Lauda.

earlier this month, Silverstone Auctions in the UK, the film car sold for £68,625 (AU$121,500), although the vehicle was not suitable for racing.

The replica is believed to have been used in the film for close-up shots in circumstances where it would have been too dangerous to use the original M23 racer.

While the original F1 car was powered by a Ford-Cosworth “DFV” 3.0-litre V8, the replica uses an unknown twin-cam four-cylinder engine with twin Weber carburettors – and a pair of fake V8 engine heads to create the illusion sell in front of the camera.

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