1923 Star teases that things don’t get any easier in the second half of the season

The first half of 1923The first season of ‘s has been tough on the Dutton family and it doesn’t sound like it’s going to get any easier when the series returns next month. According to Brandon Sklenar, who plays Spencer Dutton in the Yellowstone prequel spin-off, things won’t get any easier for anyone with Spencer heading home in the aftermath of a tragedy in Montana.

“I can tell he takes immediate action to get home,” Sklenar says of what Spencer does when he learns about events at home (via TVLine). “It doesn’t get any easier for anyone, I can say that, in classic Taylor Sheridan fashion.”

As viewers know, in 1923‘s third episode, “The War Has Come Home”, the Dutton family was ambushed by Banner Creighton (Jerome Flynn), leading to the death of John Dutton Sr. (James Badge Dale) and the attack also left Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford) in serious condition. Cara (Helen Mirren) called Spencer home from Africa, but viewers discover in the “War and the Turquoise Tide” midseason finale that Spencer doesn’t receive that call for months — and the recently released preview for the second half of the season teased a perilous journey for the bow, something Sklenar also discussed earlier.

“I can say it’s not going to be a joyful homecoming, that’s for sure,” said Sklenar. “I think Spencer will get hot and he’ll have a lot to do when he gets home. And it won’t be an easy journey to get there.’

When does 1923 yield?

Luckily for fans, we won’t have long to wait for 1923 to return. The series returns with new episodes on Sunday, February 5 on Paramount+.

What’s 1923 as regards?

1923, the next part of the Dutton family origin story, introduces a new generation of Duttons led by Patriarch Jacob (Ford) and Matriarch Cara (Mirren). The series is about the early twentieth century, when pandemics, historic droughts, the end of Prohibition, and the Great Depression all plague the mountain to the west, and the Duttons who call it home.

Next to Ford 1923 also starring Helen Mirren, Darren Mann (“Animal Kingdom”), Michelle Randolph (“A Snow White Christmas”), James Badge Dale (“Hightown”), Marley Shelton (“Scream”), Brian Geraghty (“Big Sky”) , Aminah Nieves (“Blueberry”) and Jerome Flynn (“Game of Thrones”).

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